Join a community garden (even if you have your own garden)

Community GardenCommunity gardens are literally sprouting up all over the place, and they are a great way to learn new techniques to apply in your garden (if you have one), or to grow and harvest produce if you don’t have a garden. Many community gardens give you the chance to learn about permaculture and composting from the experts. An added benefit is that you get to make new friends in your neighbourhood at the same time.

Kids love to potter around in the garden, so if you have kids, take them along to the local community garden for free or very cheap activities. This is a great way to teach kids where fruit and vegies come from (not from the supermarket shelf!!). A friend of mine recently held her child’s birthday party in our community garden, and it was a big hit. After doing some planting of seedlings and some weeding, the kids all had something to snack on, and got to drink herb tea made from herbs grown in the garden. They were sent on their way with seeds to plant at home.

So, how do community gardens help you save money? Here’s why: you learn how to make your own fertilizer (compost), how to save seeds for use the following season, how to use water wisely, how to grow plants that are suitable for your region (which are more likely to survive in your garden or on your balcony), how to raise seedlings from seeds, how to deal with garden pests effectively (and organically), and more. Going to a community garden is a very cheap activity for children. You will learn how to grow your own food, and that will cut your food bills.

How do community gardens help you save the planet? You learn the most effective methods for growing fresh produce for your family (hopefully organically – without using synthetic fertilizers or dangerous pesticides). You save food miles because the Community Gardenfood doesn’t have to travel far to get to your table.

If I still haven’t convinced you, try to see the documentary called Grown in Detroit. It will change your mind forever!

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