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MeI’m a technical writer by trade, and an eco-warrior in my spare time. I want to share the many tips that I have gathered over the years, which will lower our impact on this planet. Many people think that sustainable living is more expensive than mainstream western lifestyles. I hope to show people that this is not necessarily the case, and that by making small changes in our everyday habits, we can actually save money and the planet at the same time.

My journey started when, due to unforseen circumstances, I found myself moving to a small, fairly remote and unique community. On one side, it is adjacent to a desert nature reserve, and the other side is beside a university research institute specialising in life in the desert and alternative energy solutions. I joined the local Environmental Forum as a way of meeting new people who share my values about caring for this precious patch of earth, and for the planet in general. Pretty soon, I found myself becoming very active in the forum, and becoming an avid reader on all sorts of topics about the environment. I hope to share with you some of what I’ve learned on my journey so far.


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